The Lynx project has finished

The Lynx Service Platform is alive


The H2020 Lynx Project as a EU-funded project finished on March 31st --see the official information in the EC Cordis portal. However, the Lynx Service Platfom (LynxSP) is alive and ready to be exploited. Services are fully running and ready to be applied to your use case! Contact us for more information! 





Data Week 2021: Metadata processing at Lynx

The Data Week is the spring gathering of the European Big Data Value and Industrial AI research and innovation community. The metadata-related operations of Lynx were presented in this vibrant event. The presentation described the Lynx achievements and exposed the lessons learnt, which were object of a very interesting debate.

The workshop explored ways to make metadata interoperable. This way not only the valued data, but also the very valuable metadata can participate in data value chains that build up the data economy. This is needed to have proper data protection and hence also increase the sharing and processing of data, which otherwise would not be possible due to (real or perceived) privacy risks. The goal of the workshop was to interactively discuss and exchange current and future challenges and solutions of metadata interoperability, best practices and developments.


The Big Data Value Association provides access to Lynx Webinars

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA), a not–for-profit organisation conformed by industries all over Europe as well as research and user organizations, that already presented Lynx Webinar Series in their newsletter, has now granted access to all the recordings (available at Lynx Youtube Channel) and slides from the events. All the materials related to the webinars are available at:

Lynx presented in LEX Talks at CODEX Futurelaw 21, supported by Stanford Law School

The Stanford Law School is the law school of Stanford University, ranked one of the top three law schools in the United States, which hosts "CODEX", the Stanford Centre for Legal Informatics. CODEX is the organiser of the CodeX FutureLaw conference series. This year's edition, CodeX FutureLaw 2021, counted with a session named as "Law, Educatin and Experience (LEX) Talks", in which the Lynx project was presented by the IP, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda (UPM) and Stefan Eder (Cybly, Benn-Ibler), on the past April 8th. More info about the event can be found here. The video can be found here.

Lynx Terminology Portal presented at TermCoord 

On the 12th of March 2021, the Terminology Coordination of the European Parliament organised a workshop on Legal terminology. A number of 265 translators and terminologists of the European Parliament and from other Institutions attended this workshop, were the Lynx Terminology Portal was presented by Rodolfo Maslias, head of the Terminology Coordination Unit. The agenda and the slides are publicly available.