Public report deliverables

Deliv Deliverable name Download
D6.1 Website, project identity set, and communication plan DOI
D1.1 Functional requirements analysis report expected 01/05/2018
D2.1 Initial Data Management Plan  expected 01/05/2018
D4.1 Pilots requirements analysis report  expected 01/05/2018
D1.2 Technical requirements analysis report  expected 01/12/2018
D2.2 Intermediate report on Lynx acquired vocabularies expected 01/12/2018
D1.3 Technical architecture design expected 01/03/2019
D2.3 Intermediate report on Lynx acquired corpora expected 01/04/2019
D2.4 Data Management Plan expected 01/05/2019
D6.3 Intermediate report on communication activities expected 01/05/2019
D2.5 Report on Lynx acquired vocabularies  expected 01/12/2019
D2.6 Report on Lynx acquired corpora expected 01/03/2020
D5.4 Testing and evaluation plan  expected 01/05/2020
D2.8 Final report of the data management activities expected 01/12/2020
D5.8 Evaluation Report of the Lynx platform and pilots expected 01/12/2020
D6.6 Final report on communication activities expected 01/12/2020


Deliverables are available in Zenodo, where you can read their DOI and how to reference them.