Web portals

LKG Portal

Simple web portal to visualize instances of the Legal Knowledge Graph.


Data Portal

Catalog of relevant datasets for handling multilingual legal documents.

Data portal

Citizen Portal

Future citizen portal.

Citizen portal


Platform Services

Workflow Manager

WM manages workflows defined in BPMN supported by Camunda technology

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Document Manager

DCM manages documents and annotations in the Legal Knowledge Graph

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Authentication and Identity

Auth stateless authentication with JWT and identity management.

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API Manager

APIM exposes RESTful API to first party clients, end-users and administrators.

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Annotation Services

Temporal Expression

TimEx, Temporal Expression Extraction, finds temporal expressions in documents.

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Geographical NER

Geo finds geographical expressions in documents using state of the art methods.

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Named Entity Recognition

NER finds named entities using state-of-the-art methods.

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Relation Extraction

RelEx extracts relations between entities.

Entity Extraction

EntEx extracts entities.

Search and Information Retrieval Services

Question Answering

QADoc retrieves the most relevant paragraph for a given question.

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Crosslingual Search

Sear searches a text string in documents across different languages.

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Semantic Similarity

SeSim calculates the distance between any two documents using topic modelling techniques.

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Terminology Query

TermQ obtains information about a certain term, including examples and notes of use.

Vocabulary-related Services

Dictionary Services

DA services to query domain independent dictionaries. External service.

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Terminology Extraction

TermEx automatically extracts terminology from document corpus. External service.

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Word Sense I&D

WSID, Word Sense Induc tion and Disambiguation learns word senses and meaning.

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Conversion Services

Machine Translation

Translates documents with Neural Machine Translation. External service.

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Summarizes a document with state-of-the-art methods.

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