Legal Language Resources

Given the multilingual nature of Lynx compliance services, a sound basis of language resources of the legal domain needs to be shaped. Such language resources are to be used to annotate, classify and translate the legal documents that will be part of the Legal Knowledge Graph.

Since the value of the resources increases when connected, a first approach of a Linguistic Legal Linked Open Data cloud has been generated. This cloud gathers linguistic resources in several languages. Most of them are modelled in RDF, but some others are available in different formats. In the same way, resources in the legal domain were a priority. However, certain language resources belonging to other areas of study have also been considered relevant.




Linguistic Legal Linked Resources
AGROVOC Food and agriculture controlled vocabulary of the United Nations
BABELNET BabelNet, multilingual semantic network
CDS CDISC glossary of clinical terms
CLT CaLaThe, Cadastre and land administration thesaurus
CON Conneticut Legal Glossary
CTB Copyright Termbank
DBPEDIA DBpedia, multilignual knowledge base
DP Lynx Data Protection Glossary
EDP European Data Portal
EIGE EIGE glossary of gender-related terms
EUGO Glossary with administrative and business terms
EUR-LEX Online portal to access EU legal documents
EUROVOC Multilingual thesaurus of the European Union
GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus
GLLT German Labour Law Thesaurus
IATE InterActive Terminology for Europe. The EU's multilingual termbase
IMF International Monetary Fund Glossary
INF UNESCO glossary with information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements
INS Glossary developed by the INSPIRE Knowledge Base of the European Union
IS Lynx Industrial Standards Glossary
JUR JURIVOC, multilingual juridical thesaurus
LCHS Library of Congress Subject Headings
LL Lynx Labour Law Glossary
SAIJ Argentine Juridical Information System thesaurus
STW STW thesaurus for economics
TC EN TERMCAT Labour Law Glossary (EN)
TC ES TERMCAT Labour Law Glossary (ES)
TERMCAT TERMCAT, open terminology repository
TERMCOORD EU terminology coordination portal
THE Thesoz, thesaurus on social sciences
UNBIS UNBIS Thesaurus is a multilingual controlled vocabulary used to describe UN documents
UNESCO Glossary with terms used by the UNESCO