Web portals

    LKG Portal
    Simple web portal to visualize instances of the Legal Knowledge Graph.
    Data Portal
    Catalog of relevant datasets for handling multilingual legal documents.


    Workflow Manager
    Manages every workflows processing documents
    Document Manager
    Manages the documents and their annotations in the Legal Knowledge Graph
    API Manager
    Exposes RESTful API available for first party clients, end-users and administrators.
    Authentication and Identity
    Stateless authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and identity management.
    Word Sense I&D
    Word Sense Induction and Dis- ambiguation learns word senses and disambiguates meaning.
    Classification of text documents into predefined categories.
    The service clusters the given text corpus.
    Crosslingual search
    Searches in document across different languages.
    Machine Translation
    Translates documents.
    (external service)
    Temporal NER
    Finds temporal expressions in documents.
    Geographical NER
    Finds geographical expressions in documents.
    Entity Linking and NER
    Links references to legal documents and other entities.
    Question answering over documents.
    Dictionary Services
    Services to query domain independent dictionaries
    (external services)